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WWW: What a Wonderful World

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WWW: What a Wonderful World on IMDb
Casablanca, city of contrast, a modern and archaic city. Kamel, a contract killer, receives his orders by internet. He usually calls Souad to make love after his hits and, each time, Kenza answers the phone. She is a traffic policewoman. Kamel soon finds himself falling in love with her voice and tries to find her. She in turn falls in love with his face without knowing his voice. Everything gets entangled when Hicham, a professional hacker who dreams of going to Europe, accidentally infiltrates Kamel's orders. Powerful, visually orchestrated quasi-comedy in which a hit man who gets his commissions by Internet loses his heart to an indomitable female traffic cop. Inventively and drily, the director makes grateful use of a playful cinematographic language that makes the best possible use of the dramatic opportunities of the widescreen format.