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Le Weekend

Le Weekend

2013 / United Kingdom / 93 min / N-16
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Director(s) - Roger Michell
Screenwriter(s) - Hanif Kureishi
Actors - Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan, Jeff Goldblum
Producer(s) - Kevin Loader
Cinematographer - Nathalie Durand
Editor(s) - Kristina Hetherington
Composer(s) - Jeremy Sams
Sales agent - Enbankment Films
Distributor - Top Film
Production company -
Dialogues - English, French
Subtitles - Lithuanian
Revisiting Paris for the first time since their honeymoon, a long-married British couple (Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan) run into an old colleague (Jeff Goldblum) and discover a new vision of what life and marriage might be, in the new film from director Roger Michell (Notting Hill) and screenwriter Hanif Kureishi (My Beautiful Laundrette).

About Directors

Roger Michell (South Africa, United Kingdom)


"Persuasion" (1995), "Notting Hill" (1999), "The Mother" (2003), "Venus" (2006), "Morning Glory" (2010), "Hyde Park on Hudson" (2012), "Le Week-end" (2013, "Kino pavasaris").