Life Feels Good
chce się żyć
Poland 111 min N-13
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"Splinters" (2008), "Life Feels Good" (2013, "Kino pavasaris").

About Directors

Maciej Pieprzyca (Poland)
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Director(s) - Maciej Pieprzyca
Screenwriter(s) - Maciej Pieprzyca
Actors - Dawid Ogrodnik, Dorota Kolak, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Helena Sujecka, Mikołaj Roznerski, Kamil Tkacz
Producer(s) - Wieslaw Lysakowski
Cinematographer - Paweł Dyllus
Editor(s) - Krzysztof Szpetmanski
Composer(s) - Bartosz Chajdecki
Sales agent - Intramovies
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - Polish
Subtitles - English, Lithuanian
"Splinters" (2008), "Life Feels Good" (2013, "Kino pavasaris").

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