March 19 – April 2


The Etude
2013 Lithuania 20 min N-7
Added to my films
"This Is Reality" (2013, short), "The Etude" (2013, short, "Kino pavasaris").

About Directors

Austėja Urbaitė (born in 1991 in Lithuania) graduated from Vilnius Pilaite secondary school. Currently she is studying Film directing at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. in 2013, her last short film "The Etude" was awarded with "Special mention" prise at European film forum "Scanorama".
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Director(s) - Austėja Urbaitė
Screenwriter(s) - Austėja Urbaitė
Actors -
Clotilde Rigaud, Simonas Storpirštis, Edvardas, Boguševičius
Producer(s) - Lina Murinaitė
Cinematographer - Vytautas Plukas
Editor(s) - Austėja Urbaitė, Vytautas Plukas
Composer(s) -
Sales agent -
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - Lithuanian
Subtitles - English
"This Is Reality" (2013, short), "The Etude" (2013, short, "Kino pavasaris").

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