March 19 – April 2


Melinda and Melinda
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Woody Allen is back in fighting form with Melinda and Melinda, a tricky proposition that is two films linked by one remarkable actress - the Aussie beauty Radha Mitchell. Two playwrights are arguing about whether life is basically comic or tragic. So they take an idea - a blonde named Melinda bursts into the Manhattan apartment of married pals who are having a dinner party - and imagine it as low farce and high drama. In the comic story, Melinda is a single neighbor who interrupts the bumbling, out-of-work actor Hobie and his indie-filmmaking wife, Susan. Susan, whose new feminist flick is menacingly titled The Castration Sonata, is determined to find the right guy for Melinda, until Hobie decides he's it. In the tragic version, Melinda is a nutso school chum of wealthy Laurel and her cheating, out-of-work actor husband Lee, who are entertaining their pal Cassie when Melinda comes in with a tale of woe: Her doctor husband has left her and won custody of their kids, which has led to thoughts of suicide and murder.
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