Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds
Karpuz kabugundan gemiler yapmak
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The 60s in Tepecik, a small Anatolian village. Recep and Mehmet are two young peasants, working as apprentices in the town of Tavsanli near their village. Recep helps a watermelon vendor, while Mehmet works with a barber. Madly in love with cinema, they spend their evenings trying to make a jerry-built film projector. They also dream of being directors and changing their whole lives. One day, Recep meets a widow with two daughters who lives in the town and has come to pick unripe watermelons for her cows. Frequently visiting their home from then on to have tea or breakfast, Recep starts liking the elder daughter, Nihal. As for the girl, she is disturbed by having a peasant boy around the house and treats him as rudely as she can. Her younger sister Guler, on the other hand, likes Recep, but the feeling is not mutual.
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