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Get ready to go below the surface and ride the electric rails in Kontroll, a rough and rowdy look at a group of scrappy ticket inspectors working in the grimy Budapest subway system. Shot entirely at night in the tunnels and stations of the Budapest underground, Kontroll follows the sullen twentysomething Bulcsú and his ragged team - the wise Professor, the novice Tibi, the scrappy Lecso and narcoleptic Muki - as they spar with wacky passengers and stern managers while pursuing a masked killer who is terrorizing the tube. The killer, who shoves unsuspecting waiting passengers in the path of oncoming trains, is just one menace among many. Populated by an array of night-crawling Eastern-European urbanites, including pimps, soccer hooligans, ravers and even a curious young woman in a bear suit, the dingy Budapest transit system is presented as a netherworld of shadowy and imposing architecture, potentially deadly metal boxes on wheels and surging electricity.
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