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A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness

A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness

2013 / France, Estonia / 98 min / N-16
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A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness on IMDb
Director(s) - Ben Rivers, Ben Russell
Screenwriter(s) - Ben Rivers, Ben Russell
Actors - Robert A.A Lowe
Producer(s) - Julie Gayet, Nadia Turincev, Indrek Kasela
Cinematographer - Ben Rivers, Ben Russell
Editor(s) - Ben Rivers, Ben Russell
Composer(s) - Robert A.A Lowe, Veldo Tormis Queequeg (Hunt-Hendrix, Lowe, McMaster, Walter)
Sales agent -
Distributor - MTÜ Must Käsi
Production company -
Dialogues - No Dialogue
Subtitles - Lithuanian


About Directors

Ben Russell (U.S.A.), Ben Rivers (United Kingdom)


"A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness" (2013, "Kino pavasaris").