March 19 – April 2


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and ... Spring
Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom
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Assembling unusually elegant series of frames in four seemingly different yet intrinsically similar stories, this serene Buddhist fresco will entrance the spectator with its awe-inspiring meditation on the essence of life. No one is immune to the power of the seasons, which give rhythm to our existence, from birth to death; not even the two monks who live as hermits on a placid, floating temple in a pond. Their time is marked by the imperturbable cycle of the seasons, but even in total isolation from worldly matters, they cannot escape the pull of life’s passions and sufferings. Under the vigilant eyes of the older monk, the younger one experiences the seasons. Spring: a child monk laughs as he watches a frog trying to get rid of a stone on its back. He laughs less when the same fate is inflicted on him as punishment by the old monk. Summer: the young monk is now 17-year-old, and experiences his first feelings of love and the power of lust with the arrival of a young, convalescent girl – a desire that will ultimately lead to obsession and murder. But after the heat and intensity of spring and summer comes autumn, the season of reflection and amendment, and finally winter, a time of awakening and enlightenment.
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