March 19 – April 2


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Keeping a film like Oasis from being cliche ridden is a mean feat in itself but to turn it into a film as watchable as some of the best Korean romances. You will laugh, you will cry and you will be shocked by what's on screen. After getting out of prison Jong-du visits the home of the victim of his drunk driving and there he meets Gong-ju the dead victim's daughter. She is a tragic sight and is indeed ugly to look at but nevertheless Jong-du is so strongly attracted by her that he attempts to rape her. After the incident, strangely, she finds herself somehow waiting for his return and they start seeing each other. One night they make love but her brother see the sight and Jong-du is charged with rape. That night, while security is lax, Jong-du comes back to her and cuts off the branches of the tree outside her window so that any shadows to scare her won't ever be made on the tapestry of an oasis that hangs in her room.
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