The Proffesional
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A remarkable work which skillfully conveys personal and political reawakenings with wit, dark humor and ingenious construction. Until recently a university professor, a bohemian writer, a member of Belgrade’s intelligentsia and a passionate opponent of Milosevic’s regime, Teja now runs a big publishing house. One day, a strange visitor comes uninvited to his office, carrying a big suitcase. That man is Luka, a former agent of the Serbian Security Service, now a taxi driver. This is the beginning of an amazing and most unlikely encounter. Luka’s mission over the past ten years was to shadow Teja everyday, to write reports on his behavior and actions, to watch him even during the most intimate moments of his life. Step by step, the last ten years of their lives are appearing, the lives of these two men with quite opposite destinies. From the most unexpected situations, often moving, sometimes irresistibly comic, to the most tragic events and dark war stories, rises the chronicle of a period in time, the history of a struggle for freedom in one nation at the end of the 20th century.
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