La Petite Lili
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Claude Miller's new film about youth, filmmaking, passion and art is a case in point. It's a film so closely connected to its laughably idealistic and naïve young lead that his own work, on display in the film, is about as petty, shallow and insipid as Le Petite Lili itself. Mado, a famous actress, is spending her summer vacation in her country home in Brittany with her brother Simon, her son Julien, who wants to become a filmmaker, and Brice, her present lover, who is the director of her most recent films. Things are very stormy between Julien and his mother. Julien is madly in love with Lili, a local girl who dreams of becoming an actress. Lili thinks fondly of Julien, but she is fascinated by Brice, the well-known filmmaker who seems not indifferent to her graceful charms. One day, Lili suggests he should drop everything and take her to Paris. Five years later, Lili has become a famous young actress. She is no longer with Brice. She learns by chance that Julien is making his first film and not only that, it's about her...
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