Gori Vatra
Added to my films
This bittersweet comedy is a remarkable work about a catastrophic legacy, told with humor and an unerring sense of the irrational, very real tragedy of the Bosnian war. Tale of a family collapsing. Tale of post-war reality. Tale of the miracle of people who are ready to stand everything, who remain hopeful and who decide to struggle to live better. Tešanj, a small picturesque Bosnian town. On the surface - good, open people, humble and decent lives, a market place, tradition, and neighbourhood. Under the surface - ethnic intolerance, crime, prostitution and total corruption. Suddenly, the news that the US President Clinton is soon coming to visit the town and that he is willing to accept the "honour" of becoming citizen and the "godfather" of their municipality. It all seems to be a clear indication of the better times coming, the days of welfare, progress, happiness, and prosperity. But this must be earned somehow: in seven days all that has not been good - crime, corruption, and ethnic intolerance - must simply perish. Tragic-comic reality of Bosnia and Herzegovina, two years after the war. Under the supervision and with wholehearted assistance of the international community observers a frenzied race with time starts in an attempt to build democracy in seven days. In this race the whole town goes completely crazy.
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