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The wildly elusive tale of a young Danish man who finds his life – love life, actually – inexplicably, illogically re-arranged several times, during the course of a single day, intervened by the hand of fate at the most inopportune moment. In Copenhagen for her husband August’s book launch, Aimée takes to the streets alone after her older husband decides to write in solitude. After dinner, young photographer Alex and his girlfriend Simone are heading home. As he waits for Simone in a crowded station, Alex catches his first glimpse of Aimée, a beautiful woman different than but resembling Simone, on the platform. Seeing her again on the train, he impulsively rushes after her, leaving Simone with no explanation. Aimée leads him through the streets into a bar, where they strike up a conversation as naturally as if they were already acquainted. Falling in love in a heartbeat, Alex returns to the hotel with her. The following morning Alex and Aimée wake together and make plans to meet later in the day. But Alex’s life has changed overnight: his flat is no longer where it was, his friends don’t recognize him, and worse still, seeing Simone in the street, she claims not to know who he is. Alex races through the city to meet Aimée, hoping that she at least will prove to be real.
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