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A thesis film by 27-year-old director Gyorgy Palfi that became a sleeper hit on the international festival circuit. The film is told almost entirely without dialogue, but is alive to sound; we spend observant, introspective hours in a Hungarian hamlet where nothing much seems to happen, except that there's a suspicious death. In the village the useless members of the community die one after another: those unable to work, the unemployed, old people, and ill ones. Behind the apparently idyll lay a series of murders. Every women of the village are guilty. A film style game, using the elements of fiction, scenic and ocumentary film; "villager mute game" where instead of words and sentences the village's sounds became a "symphony of noises" on the rhythm of Uncle Cseklik's hukkling. In the film, the scenes rendered apparently independently one after another are bound by the secret, this element gives the meaning of certain stories. This secret is the story itself.
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