march 14–27


Code 46
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Code 46 is the best sort of science fiction in that it takes a stark and wondrously cynical view of one potential future, and uses that to comment on where humanity is today. It's an odd and impersonal and sometimes confusing little movie, but one that offers food for thought in a fascinatingly low-key fashion. The near future. While investigating the creation of fraudulent 'papelles' (a form of insurance cover, passport and visa rolled into one) at the sphinx insurance company in Shanghai, husband and father, William falls in love with chief suspect Maria. He does not report her. They spend the night together. William returns to his wife and son in Seattle. When one of Maria's clients dies while using fake papelles, William is sent back to Shanghai. Torn between his professional duty and his powerful love for Maria, William must decide whether to risk his career and marriage to be with her.
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