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An accomplished film, underscored by intuitive writing and powerful performances, Inheritance is about family tensions, modern big-business, and about a person who is unable to control his own destiny. Christoffer, one of the fourth generation of the proprietors of the Borch M¸ller steel works, has decided to leave the family business. He now owns a restaurant in Stockholm, where he is happily married to Maria, a Swedish actress. When his father commits suicide Christoffer's mother insists that he come home to run the family firm. He reluctantly agrees to do so, much to the surprise of his wife and his elder sister's husband, who had expected to take over. Christoffer is forced to take drastic steps as he attempts to save the company from bankruptcy, resulting in clashes with his relatives and his wife. He succeeds in rescuing the steel works but his inheritance comes with a price tag that Christoffer ends up paying in full.
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