Remember Me
Ricordati Di Me
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Accenting modernity's superficial means of connection, Muccino's view of life focuses on the murky but endearing misdirection of people's search for self-worth. Carlo is a man whose life gives middle-age crises a bad name. Frustrated with his marriage to former actress, Giulia he rekindles his relationship with his childhood girlfriend, Alessia and tries to make a new beginning. Meanwhile, Giulia decides to try to restart her career as an actress and keep an eye on their naïve teenage daughter, who is desperate to become a TV star. Out of this dramatic premise, writer-director Gabriele Muccino, fashions a beautifully nuanced cross-generational comedy of manners. Remember Me convincingly portrays the mores of middle-class Italian life, whilst also creating an emotional honesty and warmth about the characters that makes us care about them, even when they are behaving at their most absurd. Remember Me also has a succession of nicely timed pot shots at the ridiculousness of the social world surrounding television, theatre and even contemporary politics. Most of all, however, Remember Me is a film with heart and soul that captures the confusions of both adults and children in the brittle and superficial work and personal life environments of modern Rome.
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