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Tom at the Farm

Tom a la ferme

2013 / Canada, France / 95 min / N-16
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Tom at the Farm on IMDb
Director(s) - Xavier Dolan
Screenwriter(s) - Xavier Dolan, Michel Marc Bouchard
Actors - Xavier Dolan, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Lise Roy, Evelyne Brochu
Producer(s) - Xavier Dolan, Nathanaël Karmitz, Charles Gillibert
Cinematographer - André Turpin
Editor(s) - Xavier Dolan
Composer(s) - Gabriel Yared
Sales agent - MK2 International
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - French
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English
The newly blond Dolan stars as Tom, a young gay man who travels to a farm in rural Quebec for the funeral of his lover. What Tom finds at the farm is a family in denial – a mother unaware that her son was gay, and a homophobic brother desperate to keep the truth about his brother from surfacing at all costs. The atmosphere is teeming with violence, but Tom does not leave. Dolan stirs the pot by fearlessly diving in to explore the nature and depth of love, desire, passion and pain. He brings elements of the Hitchcoockian thriller, horror and noir genres into the mix through the score, cinematography and key plot points.

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Xavier Dolan (Canada)


"I Killed My Mother" (2009), "Heartbeats" (2010), "Laurence Anyways" (2012, "Kino pavasaris"), "Tom in the Farm" (2013, "Kino pavasaris").