March 18 – April 1


A Useful Life
Added to my films
“You need cinemateca – cinemateca needs you”, is the last cry for help sent by Jorge over Montevideo’s Radio Capital. He runs the Cinemateca together with Martinez, its director. But the fate of the film archive’s screening venue has been determined. The sponsors have concluded that non-profit culture is not worth supporting and with this conclusion goes Jorge’s livelihood. In his mid-forties and still living with his parents, Jorge has spent the past 25 years working in the film archive and is now left dangling on the edge of nothing. The world around him, however, continues as if nothing has happened. The story veers in a new direction once the cinema has closed and, for the first time, we see Jorge travelling through Montevideo. Although he is overwhelmed by the prospect of having no profession or purpose, Jorge decides to take charge and become the protagonist of his own film.
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