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Shy and reticent, young John is initiated into the rough world of a new school. Local bullies lurk at every intersection and make his first days hell. He also has to shrug off the reputation his older brother had made at the same school. Expelled for excessive violence, Benny is now a wild rebel, but his reputation comes in handy at key moments when his younger brother is in danger of being beaten up. John is an intelligent and engaged lad but, as he learns to navigate the waters of his new environment, he takes a turn for the worse. As „Neds“ jumps ahead in time, the older John has turned into a violent teenager, eager to dole out punishment to those who tormented him in earlier days. It doesn’t help that his father is a wild alcoholic, given to angry bouts of verbal abuse. As John attempts to deal with his family and friends, he only seems to dig himself into a deeper and deeper hole. Will there be a way out?