March 18 – April 1


Marieke, Marieke
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Twenty-year-old Marie lives with her mother Jeanne. By day she works on the conveyor belt in a chocolate factory in Brussels. In the evenings she runs into the arms of men considerably older than her. She feels strong with them, loved and free, in contrast to when she is with her mother, who has become cold and withdrawn since the death of her father and has fled into a dream world. After their encounters, Marieke photographs the men with whom she slept, naked, and from the detailed shots of their body parts she assembles collages that seem to be like puzzles of a phantom image of her own father’s identity. One day the publisher Jacoby turns up. He's looking for the final manuscript of Marieke’s father. Jeanne does everything she can to stop the two from meeting. She is afraid that Jacoby might find out about the secret that she has held from her daughter for so long.
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