March 18 – April 1


Cell 211
Celda 211
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Juan Oliver, who is eager to begin at his new post as a prison guard, arrives at the facility a day early, to the chagrin of his pregnant wife. An unexpected accident renders Juan unconscious, and he is rushed into cell 211. When he regains consciousness, he discovers that he is trapped in the middle of a brutal rebellion led by a dangerous prisoner referred to as Malamadre. Immersed in this powder-keg situation, Juan’s only option for self-preservation is to pretend that he is also an inmate. Malamadre, convinced of Juan’s veracity, takes him into the fold. Soon finding himself in Malamadre’s inner circle, Juan’s every word and action are closely scrutinized by the latter’s lieutenants. But when Malamadre discovers that three members of militant organization are inmates, his attempt to use them as bargaining chips sets off a chaotic sequence of events both within and far beyond the prison’s walls.
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