March 18 – April 1


Added to my films
Tae-suk drifts around on his motorcycle to find empty houses to stay in. He goes from door to door and puts up flyers on the key holes of each house. He later breaks into the house where the flyer is not removed, assuming that the owner is away. Tae-suk lives there till the owners return, but never steals or ruins anything in the house. One day he sneaks into a rich home and meets a married woman named Sun-hwa, who has been suffering under the torment of her abusive husband. He witnesses her husband trying to rape her and swings golf balls at him with a 3 iron. The two feel the pain and loneliness in each other and eventually fall in love. Then one day, they enter another house and discover the dead body of an old man. Tae-suk and Sun-hwa bury the body in a respectful ritual, and begin living in the old man's house as if it was their own.
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