March 18 – April 1


Cold Fish
Tsumetai Nettaigyo
Added to my films
A small tropical fish shop owner Shamoto is increasingly estranged from his second wife and rebellious teenager daughter Mitsuko and lives for visits to his favourite planetarium. When Mitsuko is caught shoplifting, the friendly Murata helps her distraught parents by settling things with the store’s manager. Murata, who owns a tropical fish store called Amazon Gold, immediately forms a bond with fellow fish connoisseur Shamoto and offers to help his wayward daughter, giving her a job that comes conveniently with room and board. The conflict between Mitsuko and her stepmom appears to be finally solved. Shamoto is drawn into business with the outgoing Murata, unaware that behind his friendly demeanor lurks a dangerous sociopath. Murata and his wife have a history of fraud and murder, disposing of their prey in an elaborate, ritualistic and grisly manner.
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