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The Light Thief


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In a remote region in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic, a popular, open-hearted electrician known as Mister Light is kind to the old folks, rescues young boys from trees, listens to the woes of lonely drunkards and tampers with meters so that the impoverished rural community who can't afford electricity have access to it. Armed with a bicycle and an emergency toolkit, Svet-Ake thrusts himself on the scene as an enthusiastic Mister Fix-It. It’s never entirely clear whether the affable electrician is actually improving the light supply or, in fact, disabling it. This sort of activity does not make him popular with the authorities, particularly when opportunistic politician Bezkat eyes a chance to sell the land from underneath the villagers to the Chinese. Bezkat moves to silence any dissenting voices, engineering a situation where his hoodlum of a relative Mansur is installed as mayor, despite opposition from the village elders. Mister Light makes it his mission to illuminate the corruption he witnesses.