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Nelu is a law-abiding citizen in his Romanian-Hungarian border town Salonta. This is the place where many illegal emigrants try to cross to Hungary and then further to Western Europe. For a supermarket security guard Nelu, days go by the same way everyday: fishing at dawn, then work, and finally home with his wife Florica. They live alone in an isolated farm in the fields outside of town. One morning, Nelu ”fishes” something different from the river: a Turkish man Behran trying to cross the border... Unable to communicate verbally, the two men will somehow understand each other. Nelu takes the stranger to his farm and gives him dry clothes, food and shelter. In return, the Turkish man gives him all the money he has, asking him to help him cross the border. Eventually, Nelu takes the money and promises he will help him tomorrow. With every day that passes and every attempt that fails, the bond between the two men grows despite the language barrier.