March 18 – April 1


A Sad Trumpet Ballad
Balada triste de trompeta
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The film begins in 1937, as circus workers are forced to aid the Republican army in a battle against the National front. The Silly Clown, dressed in full costume, manages to wreak havoc on their ranks with a machete. When his young son Javier attempts to help him escape from a work camp, Colonel Salcedo thwarts his efforts and Javier is left an orphan. In 1973, Javier, now an adult, lands a gig as the sad clown in a circus. The silly clown, Sergio, is a cruel thug who terrorizes his co-workers and beats his girlfriend, the beguiling dancer Natalia. Javier, easy to seduce, falls deeply in love with her, leading the two men to fight for her affections in one jealous rage after another.
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