Woman With A Broken Nose
Žena sa slomljenim nosem
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The desperate act of a woman with a broken nose, who suddenly jumps out of a taxi and throws herself off Branko’s Bridge in Belgrade, connects the lives of three people who witness the event: the surly taxi-driver Gavrilo who tries to avoid any kind of emotional commitment, the depressed school teacher Anica, stubbornly rejecting the attentions of one of her students, and the wacky pharmacist Biljana, who’s just realised that the man she’s about to marry isn’t The One. Each of them bears a wound from the past, a trauma they haven’t yet found the courage to face. And it’s here on the bridge, linking the old city with New Belgrade, that their road to recovery begins. Anica and Biljana are drowning in emotional apathy as they wait to cross the bridge. Gavrilo, a Bosnian refugee, is a lovable grouch who softens as the baby left behind by his mysterious passenger breaks through his isolation.
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