march 16–26


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Taking to the streets, Matilda has twenty-four hours to make everything right – or wrong, depending on how you look at it. Trapped in a five-year prison sentence for a crime she didn’t commit, Matilda’s already spent two years behind bars and has no intention of serving any more. Given a day pass for her mother’s funeral, she’s got a lot to make up for and very little time to do it in. Outbound, she hits her targets one by one; she visits her brother, buries her mother and collects on a debt from a casual lover. Final destination: a cargo ship and the open sea. But first she must contend with the responsibility closest to her heart. Parenthood appears to be an afterthought in Matilda’s frantic dash for freedom. A mother never turns her back on her offspring and it turns out that Matilda had a plan all along.
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