March 18 – April 1


Birdcage Inn
Paran daemun
Added to my films
A 24-year-old woman named Jin-a comes to a shabby guesthouse named Birdcage Inn to replace a prostitute who previously worked there. A couple with two children in their late teens run the lodge, located in a small village right in front of the ocean. The situation of Jin-a is complicated in many ways. Not only does her pimp force her into prostitution, but the family she lives with also gives her a hard time. The daughter discriminates against the young girl because of her social background, the mother only sees her as a source of capital, the silent father rapes her and the son, last but not least, tries to lose his virginity with her. After the daughter finds out that not only her brother, but also her sexually frustrated boyfriend has apparently slept with Jin-a, the living situation for the young girl becomes unbearable.
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