march 16–26


On The Path
Na Putu
Added to my films
Serving as a flight attendant on a local commuter airline, the attractive Luna seems a perfect match for Amar, a veteran who works as an air traffic controller until alcohol problems cause him to lose his job. Finding little work in the city, he takes a temporary post teaching computer skills to kids at a distant Wahhabi Muslim community retreat, and becomes ever more distant from his lover as his dedication to religion turns him into a pious zealot. On a visit, Luna is troubled by the conservative attitudes she finds there, including segregation of the men and the veiled women. When Amar returns home, she finds him so changed she starts to question everything, even her desire to bear the child they have so longed for. Echoes of the recent ethnically-charged conflicts come back to haunt her and she is forced to ask herself if love is truly enough to keep the couple together.
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