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34-year-old Michal has a good job in a Warsaw accounting firm, a nice apartment, an understanding wife and a 7-year-old son. But on his son’s first Communion, he is forced to go back to his childhood home on an errand by his boss. He wants to finish his work as fast as he can, but the trip becomes a turning point that makes him look back on his city life. The unexpected car accident forces Michal to linger longer than he had planned in the small community he left behind. With time on his hands, he strolls through the familiar streets, running into old friends and hanging out in the same haunts where he had once played music with his rock band. As bittersweet memories flood his consciousness, it becomes clear he had wanted to study music but instead took the more practical path to achieve finanical success in the corporate world. Conversations with both his father and the bandmate he abandoned lead him to reevaluate his past—and his future—as he reluctantly confronts the possibility that he has made some big mistakes.
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