March 18 – April 1


The Four Times
Le Quattro Volte
Added to my films
Based on the Greek philosopher Pythagoras's belief in the transmigration of souls - and tinged with Roman Catholic doctrine as well - this beautiful film, shot in a series of long, meditative, wordless takes. Sset in in the hilly countryside surrounding a remote Calabrian village. There we behold an ancient shepherd, tending to his goats in the pastures and, when evening comes, visiting the local church, where the cleaning woman saves for him a package of dust from around the altar, believed to have medicinal powers. When the old man dies, the Pythagorean magic unfolds. A baby goat dropping from its mother's womb clearly becomes a reincarnation of the herdsman; next, his soul passes into a majestic fir tree, and when that is sawed into lumber, he becomes a humble lump of coal. Thus does the philosopher's transcendent circle of life - man, animal, vegetable, mineral - come to full measure; le quattro volte - literally the four times - have all been visited.
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