March 18 – April 1


Shi gan
Added to my films
See-hee and Ji-Woo have entered that awkward stage in a relationship. They have been dating for two years and things just don't have the same type of excitement as they once did. Exacerbating this problem, Ji-Woo has a penchant to look at other woman, while See-hee holds severe insecurities about herself and often erupts in a fit of rage whenever she thinks Ji-Woo is interested in another woman. She decines to change her life and undergoes major reconstructive plastic surgery to get a new face. Once, See-hee is fully recovered from her surgery, she decides to take on a new identity. She takes the name of Seh-Hee, and gets a waitressing job at a cafe that Ji-Woo frequents daily. Although Ji-Woo is genuinely interested in Seh-Hee, he loves See-Hee in a way that Seh-hee never realized.
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