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For 80 Days

80 Egunean

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While visiting their respective relatives in a shared room of a San Sebastian hospital, two women reconnect some fifty years after their childhood friendship commenced. Although their lives have gone in very different directions - Axun is a farmer’s wife; Maite, an accomplished musician who has traveled the world - their friendship quickly ramps up. Axun’s husband’s mild irritation at her choice to visit their ex-son in law (who is in a coma) evolves into suspicion and anger as he sits at home waiting for his dinner one time too often. After all, they are supposed to be enjoying their retirement together. But with Maite, Axun is reclaiming a part of herself she once reveled in. Although she has not been hiding it, when Maite states explicitly that she is a lesbian, Axun’s discomfort is palpable. Axun is forced to grapple with the gulf between her burgeoning desire for Maite and her lifelong marital obligations.