March 18 – April 1


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Naomi Kawase casts a gentle and serene look at natural childbirth and delivers a visual meditation on the unshakable bond between mother and child. Moving documentary reflects on motherhood and the miracle of birth. Spending a year in the House of Birth, the clinic where Doctor Tadashi Yoshimura attended over 20,000 natural childbirths in the span of forty years, Kawase follows the life of women of various social extractions in their last months of pregnancy. Immersed in nature and far from the turmoil of city life, the clinic hosts pregnant women who are protected by the soothing guidance of Doctor Yoshimura. When the time of birth comes, delivery seems to happen without much effort in a lightly painful, almost pleasant experience. Advocating the beauty of nature and of lives delivered outside of a hospital’s structure, Kawase shows how the process of repossessing childbirth, without being dependent on medical intervention, can be highly satisfying for a woman.
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