March 19 – April 2

Archive 2019 Year in films

35 Shots of Rum
2008 / France, Germany / dir. Claire Denis
35 rhums
1988 / France, Germany, Cameroon / dir. Claire Denis
Friday Night
2002 / France / dir. Claire Denis
Vendredi soir
Good Work
1999 / France / dir. Claire Denis
Beau travail
High Life
2018 / Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, United States / dir. Claire Denis
High Life
I Can't Sleep
1994 / France, Germany, Switzerland / dir. Claire Denis
J’ai pas sommeil
Nenette and Boni
1996 / France / dir. Claire Denis
Nénette et Boni
Trouble Every Day
2001 / France, Germany, Japan / dir. Claire Denis
Trouble Every Day
White Material
2009 / France, Cameroon / dir. Claire Denis
White Material

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