March 19 – April 2

Archive 2017 Year in films

American Pastoral
2016 / United States / dir. Ewan McGregor
American Pastoral
Blessed Benefit
2016 / Germany, Jordan, Netherlands, Qatar / dir. Mahmoud al Massad
Inshallah Estafadit
2016 / Russia / dir. Dmitry Davydov
Костёр на ветру
Knife in the Clear Water
2016 / China / dir. Wang Xuebo
清水里的刀子 / Qingshui Li De Daozi
Maria and Everybody Else
2016 / Spain / dir. Nely Reguera
María (y los demás)
Merry Christmas Mr. Mo
2016 / South Korea / dir. Lim Dae-hyung
Merry Christmas Mr. Mo
2016 / Greece, Poland / dir. Sofia Exarchou
People That Are Not Me
2016 / Israel / dir. Hadas Ben Aroya
Anashim Shehem Lo Ani
2016 / Poland / dir. Bartosz M. Kowalski
Plac zabaw
Pop Aye
2017 / Singapore, Thailand / dir. Kirsten Tan
Pop Aye
2016 / Portugal, United States, France, Poland / dir. Gabe Klinger
Singing in Graveyards
2016 / Malaysia, Philippines / dir. Bradley Liew
Singing in Graveyards
The Dancer
2016 / France / dir. Stéphanie Di Giusto
La danseuse
Wolf and Sheep
2016 / Denmark, Sweden, France, Afghanistan / dir. Shahrbanoo Sadat
Wolf and Sheep

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