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2014 / India, France / 85 min / N-16
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Director(s) - Partho Sen-Gupta
Screenwriter(s) - Partho Sen-Gupta, Yogesh Vinayak Joshi
Actors - Adil Hussain, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Ashalata Wabgaonkar, Gulnaz Ansari, Isha Amlani
Producer(s) - Nina Lath Gupta, Marc Irmer, Partho Sen-Gupta, Rakesh Mehra
Cinematographer - Jean-Marc Ferriere
Editor(s) - Annick Raoul
Composer(s) - Eryck Abecassis
Sales agent - Independent Movies
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - Marathi
Subtitles - Lithuanian, English
Naina, a 6-year-old girl, is brought by traffickers to a brothel and is entrusted to Komal, a teenage prostitute. The girl watches as the other children are sent out to clients. Joshi and the other cops lead a raid on the brothel, but the pimps hide the children in a false ceiling. Babu, a 16-year-old boy, is brought to Joshi badly beaten. Joshi cannot get any answers out of him. He decides to investigate Babu’s family, but nothing is turned up. Before the sunrise, Joshi must catch the elusive figure that destroys the lives of children.

About Directors

Partho Sen-Gupta (b. 1965 in Mumbai, India).


"The Pig" (1996, short), "Discontinuous Trip" (1998, short), "Let the Wind Blow" (2004), "Sunrise" (2014, "Kino pavasaris").