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Rocks in My Pockets

Rocks in My Pockets

2014 / Latvia, United States / 88 min / N-13
Total votes: 12, Average: 8.2
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Rocks in My Pockets on IMDb
Director(s) - Signe Baumane
Screenwriter(s) - Signe Baumane
Actors - Signe Baumane
Producer(s) - Signe Baumane
Cinematographer - Signe Baumane
Editor(s) - Wendy Cong Zhao, Signe Baumane
Composer(s) - Kristian Sensini
Sales agent - New Europe Film Sales
Distributor -
Production company -
Dialogues - English
Subtitles - Lithuanian

Latvia, the 1920s. Anna, a pretty and educated young woman, falls in love with an adventurous entrepreneur 30 years her senior. But with marriage comes jealousy, and the entrepreneur hides Anna away in the forest where she bears him eight children. Years later, Signe, a young artist, asks her father how her grandmother died.… This writer-director animated movie is a highly personal statement of the director’s struggle with an inherited illness. Set against the backdrop of her grandmother’s life, the first part touches on the difficult living conditions in Latvia during the Soviet and German occupations in order to focus on those members of the family suffering from the same affliction. Baumane is not only the director, illustrator, and screenwriter but also the film’s narrator, allowing her direct contact with the viewer. 

About Directors

Signe Baumane (b. 1964 in Auce, Latvia).


"The Witch and the Cow" (1991, animation short), "Tiny Shoes" (1993, animation short), "The Gold of the Tigers" (1995, animation short), "Love Story" (1997, animation short), "The Threatened One" (1999, animation short), "Natasha" (2001, animation short), "Five Fucking Fables" (2002, animation short), "Woman" (2002, animation short), "Dentist" (2005, animation short), "Veterinarian" (2007, animation short), "The Beat of Sex: Episodes 1-3" (2007), "The Beat of Sex: Episodes 8-11" (2008), "Birth" (2009, animation short), "Rocks in My Pockets" (2014, "Kino pavasaris").