Meeting Point

European Film Forum

The European Film Forum (EFF) was proposed by the European

Commission in its 2014 Communication on European Film in the Digital Era. Since its launch in 2015, the aim of the Forum has been to develop a strategic policy agenda to open up new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities brought about by the digital revolution.

European Film Forum in Vilnius was held on April 6, 2017 during International Industry event Meeting point – Vilnius. The topic of the forum was PROMOTION AND PROMINENCE OF EUROPEAN AUDIOVISUAL CONTENT.

The promotion and visibility of European content undoubtedly plays a key role in ensuring a sustainable and competitive industry. Combining huge artistic potential with new technologies and creative audience development should help films travel to multiple territories, even productions that come from European countries with smaller-scale markets. Young European talents are bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. Therefore, equipping them with the right technological, managerial and entrepreneurial skills should further fuel their creativity and help them find their way in the industry.

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