Archive Fipresci award 2019

The International Critics Prize


dir. Rasmus Kloster Bro

2018 / Denmark / dir. Rasmus Kloster Bro
Anton Filatov
Film Critic

Anton Filatov is a Ukrainian film critic, journalist and author of more than a thousand articles about cinema. He is the founder and editor of the CutInsight website, member of the Ukrainian Film Academy and part of the FIPRESCI jury at the Odessa and Transilvania international film festivals.

Britt Sørensen
Film Critic

Britt Sørensen is a film critic for the newspaper Bergens Tidende. In 2009, she became a member of the board of the Norwegian Film Critics Organisation. In 2011, she joined the Norwegian nomination jury for the Nordic Council Film Prize. Sørensen was a member of the FIPRESCI jury at the Haugesund International Film Festival in 2018.

Florian Vollmers
Film Critic

Florian Vollmers has been writing film reviews for German newspapers and magazines since 2001. He has also worked as a press officer for Nordic Film Days Lübeck and as the director of Independent Film Festival Osnabrück.

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