Archive the best film actor and actress competition 2016

During the festival, viewers were able to vote for their favourite Lithuanian film actor and actress. Also nominated for the best actress award were Severija Bielskytė (“Back”, Gabrielė Urbonaitė) and Ina Marija Bartaitė (“Peace to Us in Our Dreams”, Šarūnas Bartas), while Vainius Sodeika (“Kings’ Shift”, Ignas Miškinis) and Šarūnas Bartas (“Peace to Us in Our Dreams”, Šarūnas Bartas) joined the race for best actor.

The prize for Best Actress was awarded to Viktorija Kuodytė, with Juozas Budraitis receiving the award for Best Actor. Both winners gave memorable performances in Algimantas Puipa’s film “Garden of Eden”.

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