Archive Best student film award 2016

The Best Student Film was chosen by a jury comprised of film historian Lina Kaminskaitė–Jančorienė, film director and screenwriter Lina Lužytė, and director of photography Vladas Naudžius. The award went to the documentary film “Mountains to Climb”, directed by Marija Stonytė, for her ability to reveal traveller Laima Armalienė’s silent drama using restrained cinematic technique.

Mountains to Climb
2015 / Lithuania / dir. Marija Stonytė
Kalnai kalnai

Director Gabrielė Urbonaitė, who won this award three years ago with her short film “The Swimmer”, returned to Kino Pavasaris with her new short “Back”. The film received special mention for its cinematic language, sense of the city and portrayal of a contemporary issue.

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