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Vilnius International Film Festival KINO PAVASARIS will take place from 16th until 26th of March, 2023. The festival might announce additional screenings after the end.

Festival accreditation is linked to an individual person and are non-transferable. Accreditation used by a person other than the accreditation holder will be revoked.

There are two ranks of accreditations:

Rank one: Jury, Sponsor, Guest, Partner, Media, Industry + Films. Also paid accreditations are under this rank (and those are valid only in Forum Cinemas Vingis).

Rank two: Volunteer, Translator, Subtitler and Organizer. Rank one accreditation has priority over rank two in case the screenings are full.

If you wish to participate in an open events of industry conference Meeting Poin Vilnius - inquire [email protected], if you wish to buy one contact: [email protected]

Loss or damage of an accreditation must be reported to festival organizer by email:
• INDUSTRY - [email protected]
• ALL OTHERS - [email protected]



Accreditation badge allows the holder to access:

Regular festival screenings at all festival venues in Vilnius and Kaunas (except Apollo Cinema and special screenings in MO museum and Leweb Art Foundation). Number of seats for accreditation holders is limited. To secure a seat, arriving 15-20 minutes prior to the screening is recommended.

Industry and Industry+Films accreditation badge additionally allows the holder to access:

• Industry event MEETING POINT – VILNIUS;

• Private industry screenings (possible restrictions for MEDIA accreditation holders).



• All accreditations are not valid for special screenings at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater, MO museum, Lewben Art Foundation as well as at Opening and Award ceremonies. Also not valid in Apollo Cinema.

• INDUSTRY accreditation (Meeting Point - Vilnius only) is not valid for film screenings.

Note: Invitations to special events of the festival, such as Opening, Award ceremony and post-event parties, will be sent personally by the organizer via Visitor Page account.



• INDUSTRY accreditation (Meeting Point - Vilnius only) is valid and provides access during industry event Meeting Point - Vilnius: from March 20-22, 2023.

• All other accreditations are valid and provide access during whole festival period: March 16-26, 2023.



INDUSTRY badge (Meeting Point - Vilnius) pick-up, if not handed upon arrival, is available from 20th of March at the festival’s industry information center at Neringa hotel (Gedimino av. 23, Vilnius).

Other badges pick-up is available from 16th of March at the festival's information center - FORUM CINEMAS VINGIS (Savanoriu av. 7, Vilnius).

Accreditation pick-up in other cities:

Kaunas: Festival’s information center - cinema theatre ROMUVA (Laisvės al54, Kaunas).  

All badges are handed out upon presentation of a valid personal identification. If you would prefer for someone else to pick it up for you, please notify organizer at akredi[email protected] with person’s name and surname details.



The protection of your personal data that is collected, processed and used during your registration on the Festival’s Visitor Page is of great importance to the Festival. Vilnius International Film Festival KINO PAVASARIS only uses your personal data provided by you in accordance for provision of better service and communication.

When an Industry accreditation is issued, your provided data, such as name, e-mail address, telephone number are automatically collected, processed and used as required for participation in Vilnius International Film Festival and Industry event Meeting Point - Vilnius. We respect your right to privacy, therefore we will not gather any additional data; hence, the collected data will be handled and secured according to the laws. More information about the Privacy Policy of PI "Kino pavasaris": https://kinopavasaris.lt/en/terms.

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