march 14–27
Meeting Point

Meeting Point - Vilnius 2024

The 2024 edition of MPV will be held in Vilnius March 24-27


International industry event Meeting Point – Vilnius 2024

Meeting Point – Vilnius is the work-in-progress audiovisual industry event to discover, develop and support European talents and upcoming debut films. It aims to build a network between different European macro-regions: from the Baltic to the South East, from the Caucasus to Western Europe.


MPV includes four main events:

  • The Work in Progress pitching session COMING SOON

Up to 20 selected debut films from late development to post production will have the opportunity to pitch their project & set individual meetings to a large audience of decision makers.

Feature films, documentaries and animated feature films that are scheduled to be completed and premiered between 2023 and early 2024 are strongly invited to apply!

  • Industry Screening Platform

A platform entirely dedicated to festival programmers, distributors, sales and commissioning editors, who will have at their disposal reserved screenings of the finest upcoming Baltic projects.


Framework programme of panels & inspirational talks

A series of panels dedicated to contemporary and future trends of the audiovisual industry. 

  • Talents Point

The talent development initiative aiming to explore and nurture emerging professionals from the Baltic countries, ex-Soviet and Caucasian countries.

Selected emerging authors, directors, producers and film critics coming from Baltic, ex-Soviet and Caucasian countries will be offered the possibility to enter the film industry through dedicated lectures, meetings with decision makers and networking events.

Please send any inquiries to [email protected]

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