Meeting Point

Meeting Point - Vilnius

The international industry event that was scheduled to take place March 30 – April 1 has been cancelled to protect the safety of participants amid coronavirus threat. The decision was also brought on by travel restrictions across Europe.


International industry event Meeting Point – Vilnius 2020

Meeting Point – Vilnius is the international audiovisual industry event to discover, develop and support European talents and upcoming debut films. Bringing together over 250 film professionals, it aims to build a network between different European macro-regions: from the Baltics to the South East, from the Caucasus to Western Europe.

MPV includes four main events:

  • The Work in Progress pitching session COMING SOON

20 selected debut films in late development or post production will have the opportunity to pitch their pro-ject to a large audience of decision makers, and to have individual meetings with them. Feature films, docu-mentaries and animated feature films that are scheduled to be completed and premiered April through De-cember 2020 are strongly invited to apply!

  • Industry Screening Platform

A platform entirely dedicated to festival programmers, distributors, sales and commissioning editors, who will have reserved screenings of upcoming Lithuanian projects at their disposal.


Framework programme of panels & inspirational talks

A series of panels dedicated to contemporary and future trends of the audiovisual industry. 

  • Talents Nest

The talent development initiative aiming to explore and nurture emerging professionals from the Baltic countries, Belarus, Ukraine and the Caucasus.

Selected emerging authors, actors, producers and film critics coming from Baltic, ex-Soviet and Caucasian countries will be offered the possibility to enter the film industry through dedicated lectures, meetings with decision makers and networking events.

Please send any inquiries to industry@kinopavasaris.lt

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