March 19 – April 2


Screenings on the Runway at Vilnius Airport

After becoming one of the first festivals in the world to go digital, Vilnius IFF continues to surprise viewers by holding immersive screenings on the runway at Vilnius Airport. The brand-new drive-in theatre will be open through May, offering inspiration to those missing travel and the movie-going experience. AEROCINEMA – The Journey Begins!

At a time when all flights have been grounded, organizers invite viewers to journey safely with the help of cinema. The selected films will take them around Europe, Asia, South America and other continents, which will hold on the largest outdoor movie screen in the Baltics.

More than 200 vehicles will be granted entry to the normally restricted airport runway – a feat that required obtaining numerous permits and meeting various safety regulations. The project also draws attention to the airline industry and its personnel, who are facing an unprecedented crisis.

“The team at Vilnius IFF are dreamers, striving to provide our viewers with new experiences. That’s why we are bringing back drive-in theatres with an unexpected twist – the opportunity to access an airport runway inside your car,” said Algirdas Ramaška, CEO of Vilnius IFF.

To ensure the safety of all attendees, organizers ask viewers to stay inside their vehicles during the screenings, and wear facemasks if they want to roll down their windows. Car engines and lights will also need to be turned off. Tickets to AEROCINEMA screenings are sold exclusively online.

The immersive experience is set to visit other airports and airfields around Lithuania during summer months.

About AEROCINEMA, the immersive project from Vilnius IFF

AEROCINEMA – the Journey Begins is a brand-new project from Vilnius IFF that will take place through May. The series of immersive screenings will be held on the runway at Vilnius Airport. Viewers will watch films on a large outdoor screen while remaining inside their vehicles.

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