About film programmes


The selection for the competition among Central and Eastern European directors making their debut is based on two criteria: a genuine approach to cinematic means of expression and the quest for self-identity. Only the first or second full-length feature films of the directors take part in the contest. Covering a wide range of themes and means of artistic expression, their films will compete for best film, best director, best actor and best actress awards.


Ten selected feature and documentary films from the Baltic Sea region will compete for the best director, the best actor and the best actress awards. Also, in the final days of the festival the international jury will award the best film with the special "Baltic Gaze" prize. The programme raises the hypothetical question whether a unique identity of the regional cinema exists.


The Short Competition programme is unique by the origin of the films: they come exclusively from Central and Eastern European countries. We have selected 32 films, to our mind best from the last year. All of them are screened in thematic groups: "Thriller", "Family", "Feelings", "Kids" and "Dream".


Student Film Competition presents the most recent works by emerging Lithuanian filmmakers studying at the higher education institutions of Lithuania and other countries. The films will be assessed by the international jury of cinema professionals.


Driven by the young generation of directors and bands, music video is experiencing a renaissance in Lithuania. For the second year in a row, Vilnius Film Festival and video production company "Zest" runs a Lithuanian Music Video Competition. The videos will be assessed by an international jury and the viewers. The winners will be awarded by Lithuanian music platform "PAKARTOT.lt".


The most accurate descriptions of these films are the names of their directors that are known to every film lover. The oeuvre of these directors is widely appreciated by both, critics and audiences all over the world. Every year the most important film festivals compete to premiere the new works the masters. Each film of this program is distinct in its individual style and professional mastery.


14 world-famous film critics have voted and selected 14 best films from the full list of films presented in film programmes "Festivals‘ Favourites", "Discoveries" and "Documentaries". The film acquired the largest number of votes in the "Critics‘ Choice" programme will receive a special award bearing the name of Saulius Macaitis, legendary Lithuanian film critic.


These are the emerging film directors, whose innovative ideas and new approach to film as a mean of expression highlight the prevailing trends in the contemporary cinema and draw new guidelines of the film industry future. Bursting with courage and liberty, their films reveal the undiscovered layers of forms and themes of cinema and provide the viewers with an opportunity to learn about the future film masters from their very first steps.


A panorama of the most popular feature films made in the recent year. The selected films have earned the cinema critics‘ acclaim and (or) were awarded at international film festivals. For the first time they will reach the screens of Lithuanian cinemas to present the strongest trends in the contemporary cinema.


Reality depicted in the frames of the documentary films is, at times, even more colourful than any possible fiction. Bewitched by the magic of the real, directors from various countries are offering their artistic approaches to the phenomenal in our everyday, the events of the past and the extraordinary individuals. Documentaries reveal the diversity of the world that we are living in – at times it's incredibly sad and resentful, and sometimes is beautiful and inspiring. And most importantly, it is the reality the overtones of which are worth knowing to every each of us.


Comprised of witty, ironic, tragicomic, absurd and black humor stories, this programme will make even the owners of the most subtle sense of humour laugh. A selection of intellectual films of high artistic quality from around the globe is presented in this programme, and the screenings are sure to be engaging and enlightening.


For two years now, this programme draws attention to the phenomenon of hybrid film;it is not-so-new, but has become particularly widespread over the recent years. The films of the programme combine elements of fiction and documentaries, and bring together the different forms of cinematic expression and style.


Every autumn since 2006, Vilnius residents had been warmed by Latin American culture festival, which now became a part of Vilnius Film Festival. The programme displays Latin American films that had been noticed and rewarded at the biggest international film festivals.


This programme presents feature films and documentaries where food is regarded as a part of  culture, history, and even politics. Overflowing with intriguing stories about the best chefs and restaurants of the world, these films reveal subtle and exotic details of cooking that will inspire every viewer who craves for unfamiliar flavours. 


This programme is designed for children, their parents and grandparents. The selected films will mark the first steps of the young viewers into the world of quality cinema, while the elders will be reminded of the fact that the art of cinema is universal.


The Retrospective presents the oeuvre of the unique Iranian film director, photographer and poet Abbas Kiarostami, who has passed away last year. Filled with existential philosophy and poetics of the imagery, his films provoke the viewers to undertake the internal and physical journeys of the characters of the films. In the meantime, the ancient persian culture and literature subtly unfolds in the background.


This Retrospective presents 5 films created by a universal artist and one of the most important representatives of the arthouse cinema, David Lynch. Vilnius Film Festival invites to once again see the masterpieces on the big screen. This director has long ago expanded the conception of commercial cinema and enchanted the global audience with mystical spells of his films.


This annual programme presents the most recent short and full-length films by Lithuanian authors.


The short films that came to Lithuania from around the globe are dynamic, funny, erotic, sci-fi, experimental and provocative, and they all present the tendencies, topics and innovations of the last year. Only on the nights of the weekends, Vilnius Film Festival will present the films that are not in the competition, yet all are nominated for the Audience Award.

VR film programmes

The New Vilnius Film Festival cinema invites to experience stories in a new medium and watch the most significant VR works from the recent year.